What is your selection of used bikes?
Well, that depends. Unlike new bikes, we can’t just place an order for, say, a used 54cm Ultegra-equipped lugged steel road bike in racing red. We have to wait until someone brings that bike to us. Generally speaking, you’ll find our selection of used bikes will be greater on a dark, cold, rainy, November night than on a bright, warm, dry July day. Sure, we sell more used bikes in July than November, but they sell so fast that they never accumulate on the sales floor.

Why do you sell new and used bikes?
The current demand for bikes exceeds the actual number of bikes we can physically stock by quite a bit. If we still only sold used bikes, we’d have very few bikes to sell during the summer. And, though one can find great value and utility in a used bike, there are some technological and design improvements that make investing in a new bike worthwhile on occasion,not to mention the warranty and free lifetime tune-ups that come with every new bike purchased at Gear Peddler. If you are looking for a new bike , we offer GT, SE, Kazam, Schwinn, Strider, Evo, Alton, and Corsa brands.

When is the best time to look for a used bike?
As mentioned above, we have the best selection of used bikes during the winter months, before demand ramps up. But there is also a weekly cycle during the spring and summer. Our busiest days are Friday through Sunday. Thus, if you drop by on a Sunday afternoon, you’re not likely to find many used bikes because any that accumulated early in the week were sold on Friday and Saturday. So if you want to get a jump on the competition, a Wednesday or Thursday is your best bet.

How much do your used bikes cost?
That question is rather like asking, “how much does a car cost?” It all depends on the make, model, and condition. But I can make a few generalizations. For a used road or mountain bike, $125 and up; for a used kid’s bike, $25 and up. Of course, some used bikes cost quite a bit more than even our typical new bike. A new, race-ready road bike can easily cost $3000 or more. So, if someone consigns such a bike in excellent condition with us for $1600, that’s still a rather expensive bike, but it’s also an exceptional value if you’re looking for such a bike.

Why don’t you have many used bikes for less than $100?
If we bought some used department-store-quality bikes for very little money, fixed them up in little time, and sold them for $80-100, we might be able to make a few bucks. Here’s the issue; most bikes of this type are made of low-quality materials and components, are not designed to be maintained, are overly heavy, and are unable to be tuned to our standards. So we generally don’t buy or consign such bikes or offer them for sale, unless they are made for children. We refer to such “bikes” as BSOs (Bicycle Shaped Objects).

Why can it take a long time to get my tune up completed when it is nice outside?
During the warm summer months the workshop becomes quite busy. We create promise dates in order to coordinate our workloads with our staffing. The “promise date” is the day we will return your bike to you completed and ready to roll. During the summer, these limits fill up to capacity quickly and get pushed out further. In order to avoid this you can bring your bike in during the winter when the workload is lighter.

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